Canario, A.V.M.



The research interests cover two main areas: 1) Calciotropic hormones function and evolution and 2) Mechanisms of sex differentiation and the role of steroids and their receptors in reproduction and behaviour. Fish are used as the basic models of study, but other models, such as Xenopus and chicken, are also used to test specific evolutionary questions or because of ease of manipulation. The PI uses an integrative approach, from molecular biology and genomics, to in vitro and whole organism physiology. Current questions under investigations are: 1) Roles, mechanisms of action and evolution of PTH family of peptides and Stanniocalcins, 2) What are the primary sex determinants in fish, 3) What is the origin, chemical nature and roles of pheromones in fish; 4) Olfactory receptors and signal transduction; 5) Reciprocal relationship between sex hormones and behaviour.

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