Dave's current research is developing visualization applications for high pixel displays within the Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. He is developing an application for the visual analysis of petrophysical data collected from the PETGAS project, part of the CiPEG group. The application allows ingest of various petrophysical and petrochemical analyses of rock core samples and their subsequent visualization. Multiple visualizations can be created and displayed simultaneously. Each type of visualization can be broken into contributing data groups, with bulk operations acting on selected visualizations. While in the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Biological Systems Dave created an online data repository for the DART project to allow discoverable digital archaeological and geophysical datasets via searchable metadata. He has also worked on inferring maze topology from the firing rates of hippocampal place cells in rats. His PhD modelled feature-based attention in the human visual cortex via dynamical neural networks of cortical neural circuits.

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