Panagiotis Kotetes

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Dr. Panagiotis Kotetes is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Niels Bohr institute of the University of Copenhagen (Denmark). He carried out his Diploma, MS and PhD studies at the National Technical University of Athens (Greece). During his graduate time in Athens he explored novel topological density wave phases and their potential key role for understanding a series of enigmatic magnetic and thermoelectric phenomena experimentally observed in the 'normal' phase of high-Tc cuprate and heavy fermion superconductors. In the fall of 2010 he moved to the Karslruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) where he worked for five years, mainly, as a postdoctoral researcher. There he shifted his focus towards mesoscopics and artificial topological superconductors with an eye to topological quantum computing. He had the chance to further deepen into the synergy of symmetry and topology through the theoretical investigation of diverse hybrid devices relying on topological insulators, nanowires and Shiba chains. His present research mission relates to answering open questions in the fields of superconductivity and exotic magnetism and how to combine these ingredients for designing novel intrinsic or artificial topological platforms which will bring us one step closer to implementing a revolutionary anyon-based quantum computer. Apart from research, he devotes time to teaching and he is a regular peer reviewer.

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