David Vetrie



David Vetrie completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and his PhD at the University of London (U.K.). His early career at Guy’s Hospital (London) focussed on mapping the human genome and identifying disease loci on the X chromosome, culminating in the discovery of the genes involved in X-linked agammaglobulinaemia (Nature 361:226-33) and Mohr-Tranebjaerg/DFN1 syndrome (Nature Genetics 14:177-80). He then moved to the Sanger Institute (Cambs) where he established and managed the microarray core facility and was a member of the Faculty until 2007. His interests during this time focused to global epigenomic studies in both human and mouse using microarrays and ChIP-sequencing. Through this work, his laboratory participated in both the NHGRI-funded ENCODE project and the EU-funded HEROIC consortium. David is currently a senior lecturer at the Institute of Cancer Sciences (University of Glasgow) where he has been using his track record in genomics and epigenomics in order to identify aberrant chromatin regulation in chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) with a view to developing novel therapeutics.

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