Richard James Butler Dobson



Professor in Medical Informatics at King’s College London & Lead for Bioinformatics and mHealth at the Maudsley BRC, & Co-Chair of the Centre for Translational Informatics; Professor in Medical Informatics at the Institute of Health Informatics, University College London. Main areas of bioinformatics research have focused on the genomics of complex disease, with a special focus on biomarkers of Alzheimer’s Disease. Research has required the analysis, integration and modeling of complex large molecular datasets. The group has a range of experience which includes the analysis of data produced by expression arrays, SNP arrays, next generation sequencing (NGS) and network and pathway studies. Specific projects include in-silico drug repositioning screening to find new uses of old drugs and development of pipelines for clinical application of NGS in cancer. The group have recently been funded to develop Docker capability within Genomics England based on their Dockerized NGSeasy pipeline ( In collaboration with the Clinical Informatics group, the group has developed expertise in natural language processing (NLP) for mining electronic patient records (eg. for adverse drug reactions) and developed infrastructure to link the records to high throughput omics and imaging data generated by the BioResource. The group are performing development work on Multi-Agent based computer systems using JADE to exploit big biomedical data for clinician aided decision support. More recently, the group have been funded to test the feasibility of wearables to detect relapse in Schizophrenia ( The research has required the extensive use of computational approaches such machine learning methods and the creation of software tools as well as the construction and administration of high performance computing infrastructure which has been uniquely developed behind the NHS firewall. Large collaborative projects include the EU European Medical Informatics Framework (EMIF) for which the group lead on integrative biomarker analysis in Alzheimer’s. Other active collaborators include Janssen, GE, SomaLogic (US Biotech), Emerald Logic , Illumina, SAGE Bionetworks, TwinsUK, HipSci, GENAROAD..... He was previously based at the Genome Centre (, Queen Mary University of London. Prior to this he held positions at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge and Microscience Ltd (Emergent Biosolutions), Reading.

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