Yuliya V. Kaphtanova (Webois K.305)



I am, Yuliya V. Kaphtanova, borned 18/09/1970, work and live in Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS, citizen of Ukraine (CIS). Have higher education a profession is a mathematician, 1994, scientist, developer and author (K.305) of higher mathematics, mathematical physics, crystallography and geophysics. Themes of the scientific works are a mathematical design of natural and technogenic processes of mathematical physics, equation of Laplace, Cauchies, Bessel and the special functions of mathematical physics, electricity, modern electric music, physicist of magnetic-field and biophysicist. I am engaged in physics of lithospheric and kimberlites. I own the modern instrument of mathematical physics, special functions, discrete mathematical and mathematical logic, programming and computer design, technologies the Internet. Publications and books - from 1994, 1999 and 2009. At the level of geophysics and physics of crystals study medicine of stone, history, contemporaneity and physics of stone and minerals from 1987-1989 and conduct the advanced studies. In 1991 finished courses the "Red cross" (Chinese point massage in Kharkov), magnetotherapy. Medical publications and books - from 2009.

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