Alper Kanyilmaz



Alper Kanyilmaz is a civil engineer with a BSc degree from Middle East Technical University in Turkey, and a Civil Engineering MSc and PhD degrees from Politecnico di Milano. He is currently a temporary research fellow in Politecnico di Milano, with experience in large scale experimentation and advanced numerical analysis in the fields of steel and composite structures, seismic isolation, dissipative devices, industrial silos, and tanks and racking systems. Since 2010, he has been involved in 7 international research projects (EU-RFCS), has published 40+ articles in top international journals, and peer-reviewed international conferences, co-supervised 9 Master thesis students, and assisted two professors for 6 Master courses. He won two awards in International Steel design and Concrete design competitions. He is a final year PhD Candidate in the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Constuction Engineering (dABC) of Politecnico di Milano, with a focus on earthquake structural engineering. He has academic and communication fluency in Italian, English, and Turkish languages.

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