Ávila, P.

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Ávila, Paulo

Ávila, P. (2016-03-22)

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Paulo Ávila is Coordinator Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at the School of Engineering – Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, and was the Director of the same Department. He received his Dipl.Eng from the University of Coimbra in the domain of Mechanical Engineering, his MSc from the University of Minho in the domain of Computer Integrated Manufacturing and his PhD in the area of Production and Systems for same University. His scientific and engineering interests cover the subjects: Resources selection; Design of Agile/Virtual Enterprises; Production system optimization/management; Computer Integrated manufacturing; and Total Quality Management. He regularly publishes in international and national scientific conferences proceedings, journals and books, being co-chair and founding member of the Sustainability Business Conference. Simultaneously he is consultant in several enterprises in the field of Industrial Organization and Management, and has participate in several EU projects.

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