Natascha Kljun

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Micrometeorology, Boundary layer meteorology, Footprint model, Fluxnet, CO2, Greenhouse gases

Natascha Kljun (2014-01-10)

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My specialist areas are in boundary layer meterology; land-surface-atmosphere interactions; footprint modelling; greenhouse gas fluxes. Research Interests: My research focuses on interactions of the terrestrial biosphere and the lower atmosphere. (i) Footprint/source-area modelling based on a backward Lagrangian particle dispersion model to determine the upwind surface area of influence for an atmospheric flux or concentration measurement. Online footprint estimate: Calculate a footprint using a simple parameterisation ( (ii) Vegetation - atmosphere carbon and water vapour exchange: processes controlling and influencing the carbon and water balances (iii) Upscaling of local greenhouse gas flux measurements to a regional or continental scale, taking into account heterogeneous surfaces, complex terrain, and issues in spatial and temporal resolution

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