Hossam Haick



Prof. Hossam Haick The Department of Chemical Engineering and Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel [email protected] | http://LNBD.technion.ac.il Hossam Haick is a Full Professor in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and an expert in the field of nanotechnology and non-invasive disease diagnosis. Prof. Haick is the recipient of many prestigious grants, including: Marie Curie Excellence Grant, ERC, BMGF Award, coordinator of FP-7 consortium (LCAOS; 2011-2015), coordinator of a EuroNanoMed consortium (Volgacore; 2014-2017), coordinator of Horizon2020 ICT consortium (SNIFFPHONE; 2015-2019), and many more. He is also the recipient of few dozens of international honors and prizes for his achievements, including a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (conferred by the French Government), the “List of the World’s Top 35 Young Scientists”, the Advanced Alexander von Humboldt Research Award, the listing of the most 100 influential persons in the world in the Digital Technology for 2015 by the Nominet Trust, The listing of the 100 influential figures in 2016 published by the American GOOD Magazine, the “Bill & Melinda Gates” Award, the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Prize in Chemical Engineering, the “Tenne Prize for Excellence in the Science of Nanotechnology”, etc. Besides his recent and past achievements in research, he had excellent achievements as a lecturer, expressed by a wide variety of prizes that he received for (constantly) excellence in teaching (top 4%). Prof. Haick is the recipient of the prestigious "Yanai Prize for Academic Excellence", which is given for exceptional and significant contribution in teaching and academic education. Prof. Haick also serves as an associate editor of the two journals and serves as an advisory consultant to the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) – the world's authority for chemical information - a senior scientific advisory member of several national and international companies and institutes. The research interests of Prof. Haick include nano-array devices for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of disease, nanomaterial-based chemical (flexible) sensors, electronic skin, breath analysis, volatile biomarkers, and molecule-based electronic devices. Websites: http://lnbd.technion.ac.il | http://sniffphone.eu/ | www.lcaos.eu

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