Mika'Ela Fisher



Mika'Ela Fisher is a German multidisciplinary artist. Fisher has worked for the leading Haute Couture house Max Dietl in Munich, having obtained her master's degree as a bespoke tailor. She showcased her work at the world master tailors' convention in Paris (Congrès Mondial des Maitres Tailleurs) and was nominated with her creations for France. She posed as a model for French painters Boussignac and Hubert de Lartigue; and modeled for many years for Martin Margiela, Hermès, John Galliano, Gilles Rosier, Undercover, Eley Kishimoto, among others. After years in the fashion world, she tried her hand in acting, following the acting courses of Jack Waltzer. Fisher's portrayal of Zak, a ruthless killer in Guillaume Canet's Tell No One, was critically acclaimed, especially in the U.S. media (in WordPress, the Boston Herald, A.V. Club, The Boston Globe, PopMatters, Dallas Voice, TV Guide, Good Times, the New York Times, and Screenhead, among others). "Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit" ("Valiant Hands in the Chaos of Time") is a biographical short film for which she is both director, producer and costume designer. This film was nominated in the categories best director and best soundtrack at Maverick Movie Awards 2013, and won The Silver Chris Award (Best of Art) at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival of 2014, and the Award of Merit ( Film Short) at the Accolade Competition of 2015. Victory's Short is her second short film as a director and producer. In her third film Männin (2015), inspired by Martin Luther's Bible, she plays the dual role of Adam and Eve. The follow up to Männin will be a feature film now in development, Die Höhenluft.

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