Barros-Timmons A



After concluding the PhD has been an assistant professor at the Dept. of Chemistry where she has been responsible for a variety of courses on Polymers and Chemical Engineering laboratories. During this period, among various administrative jobs, has participated in the preparation of two Erasmus Mundus MSc programmes in the field of Materials Science which she coordinated and/or was/is member of the coordination team, indeed one of this programs has obtained funding from EU for the 3rd time; In the area of supervision, has supervised 43 MSc Students (concluded; various in industrial environment), 6 PhD students (concluded), 4 Post Docs (concluded), and 4 research technicians (concluded). The research has focused on (i) synthesis and characterization of functional polymer based nanocomposites; (ii) emulsion and miniemulsion polymerization; (iii) living/controlled radical polymerization mechanisms; (iii) fabrication and characterization of thin films for biosensor applications; (iv) chemical modification and characterization of polymeric materials from renewable resources; (v) thermal analyses of polymer and polymer based nanocomposites.

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