David S Gardner



The research questions that I am interested in at present are the mechanisms that lead to an acute loss of kidney function (Acute Kidney Injury or AKI) and how we may be able to either prevent it happening or, if that is not possible, then help the kidneys quickly recover their function. I work closely with other scientists at Nottingham and with clinicians in the Renal and Transplant Unit, NUH NHS Trust, City Hospital, Nottingham on this research. In addition, i have an on-going interest in nutrition and health. Specifically, i am interested in the relationship between what mothers eat before and during pregnancy and the health of their subsequent children - that is, whether they have a greater propensity to develop kidney disease or high blood pressure. This research area has become known as the developmental origins of health and disease. We know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle (lots of fruit, vegetables, fibre, physical activity) and we know what is unhealthy (high intake of simple sugars and/or refined foods, being sedentary). The developmental origins paradigm suggests that some people may just have to work a bit harder at being healthy if, for example, they were exposed to a poor nutritional environment early in their lives. If we are able to identify those individuals then we can better prepare and advise them on how to maintain good health and live a long, prosperous and fulfilling life.

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