Shareen Doak



Shareen is Director of the Centre for NanoHealth, she leads the Nano(geno)toxicology Research program, co-leads the In Vitro Toxicology Group and also leads prostate cancer research programs within the Cancer Biomarkers Group. Shareen’s research interests focus on the genotoxic profiles of engineered nanomaterials, the mechanisms underlying their DNA damaging potential and subsequent consequences upon human health. Her interests extend to mechanisms defining genotoxic dose-responses and the impact of natural cellular protection (e.g. DNA repair) in mutagenesis. While her prostate cancer research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of progression to invasive, aggressive disease; with an ultimate aim of identifying a prognostic biomarker panel for improved clinical management of patients. Shareen sits on the UK Government Committee on Mutagenicity (COM), and is a member of the International Genetic Toxicology Technical Committee (GTTC), which is rallying to define the nanomaterial genotoxicity testing strategy required to inform the OECD and international regulatory bodies. Additionally, Shareen is an external expert for the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS Working Group on Nanomaterials in Cosmetics). She is also a member of the editorial boards of Mugagenesis and Mutation Research (Genetic Toxicology). Her research career to date in the fields of genotoxicology and translational cancer research has led to the UK (2008) and European (2009) Environmental Mutagen Society “Young Scientist Awards” and the Welsh Livery Guild Merit Award (2013). Shareen is also a UK and EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist.

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