Elly Kleinman



Elly Kleinman is the founder and driving force behind the Americare Companies, a privately-held company offering a range of healthcare services in the New York area. Since its establishment, Kleinman has successfully led the Americare team in all aspects of the strategic planning process. Throughout the years, he has brought to life hundreds of projects specializing in home healthcare services. Providing advocacy, education, and research, along with making sure that senior citizens are receiving the proper attendant care, is the main goal of the Americare Companies. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Elly Kleinman has proven experience in optimizing revenues, reducing expenditures and implementing strategies that bring results to the company. He has established a strong relationship with the local community and is involved in numerous aspects of the community’s cultural and charitable pursuits. Furthermore, he is also the founder and president of KFHEC, an organization and museum which serves as a memorial to the Holocaust.He is still an active and committed member of the Orthodox Jewish community and has received many awards and recognitions for both his professional success and philanthropic personality.

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