Carlo Cauzzi



Born in Milan (Italy) in 1978, MSc in civil and environmental engineering, I completed my PhD in Structural, Earthquake and Geotechnical Engineering in 2008 at the Technical University (Politecnico) of Milan, with a thesis on the empirical prediction and code-like parameterisation of displacement response spectra tailored to the needs of displacement based design. Educated in the broader domain of engineering seismology, my research interest mainly deals with ground-motion prediction and complex site effect assessment based on both empirical and synthetic data. My affiliation to the Swiss National Seismic Networks (Swiss Seismological Service – SED - at ETH Zürich) since 2010 resulted into increased interest in the use of real-time earthquake seismology methods for mitigation of seismic risk. Lecturer in Geophysical Data Processing at ETH Zürich, I am responsible at SED for the earthquake-related products delivered by the National Networks, e.g. ShakeMaps and waveform / event databases. I actively participate in national and international research programs. Amongst the most recent experiences are those of the EC-funded projects NERA, where I coordinated with colleagues at SED and ODC the development of the European Rapid Raw Strong-Motion Database ( and REAKT, where I coordinated a work package devoted to the application of earthquake early warning, operational earthquake forecasting and real-time structural health monitoring methodologies to a selected number of critical infrastructures in Europe and worldwide (, WP7).

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