Hanne Andersen



About me As a philosopher of science at a Faculty of Science I am engaged in making philosophy of science relevant to science education and for scientific practice. I am an active member of AAAS, PSA. EPSA and SPSP, working for increased collaboration between history, philosophy and sociology of science and practicing scientists. Research My primary research interests are interdisciplinarity, scientific collaboration, scientific change, and aresponsible conduct of science. I am PI (together with co-PIs Samuel Schindler and Peter Sandøe) of the Danish Research Network for Philosophy of Science funded by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities. I have previously been PI of the research project "Philosophy of Contemporary Science in Practice" which is funded by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities as part of the program for Female Reseach Leaders, and I have been co-team leader (together with Team leader Marcel Weber) of Team B: The life sciences in the ESF research network "The Philosophy of Science in a European Persepctive".

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