Barbara Russo



I am associate professor at the Faculty of Computer Science of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. I was visiting researcher at the Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik in Bonn, Germany and Marie Curie fellow at the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Since 2014, I am coordinating the research area in Software Engineering at the Faculty Computer Science. I am founder member of L.E.S.E.R. Laboratory of Empirical Software Engineering Research and responsible of the Makerspace project. Since 2006, I am member of ISERN - International Software Engineering Research Network. I have been program co-chair and PC member of international conferences and journals (EMSE, TSE, JSS, ESEJ, IS, IST, etc.). In 2015, I received the "Reviewer of the year award" for 2014 from the Journal of Strategic Information System. In 2007 I was awarded by the Italian Association for Enterprises for the best example of Public-Private collaboration for having established a Bachelor programme for working students. Since 2011, I am coordinating the European Masters Course Programme that in 2015 received about 2 M Euro Erasmus Mundus grant. I am interested in modelling and predicting software and system reliability and data mining in software engineering for software and system quality.

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