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Among ORCID's core principles is openness and community. The ORCID technical and open source communities enable us to extend these principles to ORCID's technology. The ORCID technical community is open to anyone who is interested in participating in technical discussions about the ORCID Registry and APIs.

There are three levels of involvement that you can choose from:

(1) Use the registry and provide feedback

(2) Contribute technically to the community

Meet our open source contributors

(3) Become an ORCID open source team member

  • Who. ORCID open source team (OST) members are individuals who have demonstrated commitment to the Registry through continued, broad, additive, and significant participation in forums, patch contributions, and documentation contributions. 
  • How. OST members are nominated by the ORCID team for consideration by the technical steering group, and will be required to sign an agreement regarding development processes and policies.
  • What. Only OST members may directly contribute to the ORCID code base. Note: ORCID development staff and vendors contracted by ORCID for the purpose of development also are OST members.

Group Structure and Governance

ORCID technical community participation

Participation in the ORCID technical community is open and facilitated by the ORCID API users mailing list. Members are able to:

  • Participate in group forums and ORCID iDeas forum on topics of interest.
  • Receive briefings on activities of the ORCID technical steering group and technical working groups.
  • Provide technical insight, help, and guidance to others in the ORCID community.
  • Participate in technical sessions at ORCID outreach meetings.
  • Share their experiences with others, within and external to the ORCID community.
  • Participate in the ORCID open source community according to their interest and ability.

View the latest discussions in the ORCID API Users mailing list