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  • Blog | Characterizing the Adoption of ORCID iDs


    A team of researchers from the University of St. Andrews have been funded by OCLC and ALISE to expand their 2017 pilot study on the adoption of ORCID to other universities. And they’re looking for volunteers! Find out more in this guest post by Eva Borger and Alexander Voss, two of the researchers involved.

  • Blog | Celebrating #PeerReviewWeek18 at ORCID!


    Welcome to Peer Review Week 2018! We'll be celebrating all week with a series of blog posts and other activities and we hope you'll join us!

  • Blog | Celebrating the ORCID US Community Consortium - 100 Members and Counting


    Today's post celebrates the ORCID US Community consortium, which recently added its 100th member making it the largest ORCID consortium. 

  • Blog | Listening to our Community


    As part of our efforts to document the value of ORCID for researchers and their organizations, we’ve been keeping a close eye on community comments in  social and traditional media channels - and we’ll soon be asking you for specific feedback in a series of surveys for members, users, and consortia lead organizations.

  • Blog | ORCID, OpenID Connect, and Implicit Authentication


    This post by our Tecnology Advocate, Tom Demeranville, announces the ORCID OpenID connect implementation, explains what OpenID connect is, and why ORCID supports it. 

  • Blog | Presenting PIDapalooza 2019!


    PIDapalooza, the open festival of persistent identifiers is back and it’s going to be better than ever. Mark your calendar for Dublin, Ireland, January 23-24, 2019 -- and send us your session ideas by September 21.

  • Blog | ORCID in Publishing


    In this guest post ORCID Board member Alison Mitchell introduces our newly formed ORCID in Publishing Working Group, which she is chairing, as well as providing an update on other ORCID initiatives and events for the publishing community.

  • Blog | Building a Robust Research Infrastructure, One PID at a Time


    Trusted assertions - reliable connections between ORCID iDs and other persistent identifiers - are critical to our strategic goal of empowering researchers, promoting transparency, and enabling innovation. But not all PIDs are created equal! This post explains our requirements for identifiers in the ORCID Registry, why meeting these requirements benefits the research community, and how member organizations can request the addition of new identifiers.

  • Blog | Org ID: a recap and a hint of things to come


    In this guest post, Chair of the Organization Identifier Working Group, John Chodacki, provides an update on the initiative - more to come in the next few weeks!

  • Blog | ORCID and #PeerReviewWeek18


    Peer review is at the heart of research workflows, from grant application to conference proposals to the publication process. At ORCID, we are committed to helping ensure that researchers get recognition for their peer review contributions, so we are delighted to once again be helping celebrate Peer Review Week. Find out more about our plans in today’s blog post!