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  • Blog | ORCID and #PeerReviewWeek18


    Peer review is at the heart of research workflows, from grant application to conference proposals to the publication process. At ORCID, we are committed to helping ensure that researchers get recognition for their peer review contributions, so we are delighted to once again be helping celebrate Peer Review Week. Find out more about our plans in today’s blog post!

  • Blog | Now in Arabic -- Six Ways to Make Your ORCID iD Work for You!


    ستة طرق لجعل أوركيد الخاص بك يعمل بالنسبة إليك!

  • Blog | Technology + Engagement = Infrastructure Sustainability


    ORCID is both a technology, -- providing open tools for organizations to use in their own platforms and services --  and a community, which relies on the support of those organizations and, in particular, our members to help achieve and sustain our shared vision of a world where researchers and their contributions are connected.

  • Blog | Spreading the ORCID Word: Helping You Help Us


    We greatly appreciate how much outreach is done on our behalf by individuals and organizations who share our vision -- you’ve helped us achieve some significant milestones! Today’s post celebrates those milestones and features some of the great campaigns you’ve shared with us.

  • Blog | Last Call for 2019 ORCID Board Recommendations


    Recommendations for individuals to join the ORCID Board in 2019 must be received by August 1. Find out more in this guest post by Karin Wulf, Chair of the Nominations Committee

  • Blog | ORCID in Publishing: A Conversation


    This year we are working to ensure that using ORCID means researchers have less data entry effort interacting with research information systems.  At the end of May, we had a kickoff event for publishing organizations and service providers at the annual Society for Scholarly Publishing meeting to further this work. We are now extending an invitation to more publishers and information system providers to get involved. Read this post and join our upcoming webinar to learn more.

  • Blog | Brasil na liderança da pesquisa aberta


    Este post foi escrito em co-autoria com Laure Haak, Diretora Executiva da ORCID

  • Blog | Brazilian Leadership in Open Research


    In this post, Ana Heredia (Head of Memberships, Latin America) and Laure Haak (Executive Director) describe the launch of the ORCID Brazil consortium in the context of Brazilian leadership in open research.

  • Blog | Assertion Assurance Pathways: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?


    ORCID enables and stores assertions between a researcher’s ORCID iD and identifiers for their activities and affiliations.  This post describes the anatomy of assertions and new functionality to enhance transparency and traceability - and ultimately trust - in the assertions stored in the ORCID Registry.

  • Blog | ORCID Regional Strategies through Communities of Practice


    Everything we do at ORCID is in service of our underlying belief that, by working together with all sectors of the global research community, we can facilitate conversations that help increase the openness and reliability of research information.  Learn more about how we are using a “community of practice” approach to achieve this goal.