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  • Blog | ORCID open source project now available!


    Today we announce the release of ORCID's open source code under an MIT-style license, and the engagement model for continuing technical collobaration and our open source community. In addition to transparency, releasing our code will improve interoperability and integration with external services, lead to more robust code because more individuals are auditing and testing it, and, with an extended developer community, enable faster code iteration and evolution. Also, engage with the ORCID community at our outreach meeting and codefest in May in Oxford, UK. See our events page for details.

  • Blog | How should an ORCID iD be displayed?


    The primary mission of ORCID is to create a permanent iD for researchers and scholars.  To be useful to the research community, ORCID iDs must be actionable and linked back to the ORCID Registry.  Whether on your website, in the metadata for research works, in the submission process for a conference, or any other venue where the iD can be expressed, we recommend that ORCID iDs be displayed as a URI, with hyphens between every 4th digit, as such:


    In the event that space is limited, the URI can be shortened to orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097.

    More information on display and usage guidelines, including downloadable iD icons, is available on our Website, at https://about.orcid.org/trademark-and-id-display-guidelines

  • Blog | ORCID Outreach Meeting: Register Now and Hold the Date!


    ORCID will be hosting its biannual Outreach meeting on May 23, 2013, in Oxford UK.  In the morning, participants will learn about the status of the ORCID Registry, membership, and technical tools, and will have the opportunity to interact with staff and integrators.   We will join up with Dryad in the afternoon to present a symposium on research attribution.  We are also hosting a Code Fest with the theme Connections, for developers to meet with ORCID technical staff and work on mashups with the ORCID APIs.  

  • Blog | ORCID Tech Update: Default privacy settings


    In today's website release ORCID has implemented a highly-requested feature: the ability to set default privacy settings for newly imported pubications and other works. Today's post includes a short video about the feature. Also learn more about past releases, and what to expect in the near future.

  • Blog | ORCID How to: Linking Document IDs to your Works


  • Blog | NIH testing ORCID iDs in the ScienCV platform


    The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a new ORCID subscriber. “I am really excited to hear that NIH will be joining Wellcome Trust in working to embed ORCID identifiers in grant application workflows, and we look forward to other funders signing up. ORCID promises to provide funders a means to better track research and understand the impact of our funding while reducing the burden for researchers of reporting the products of their research,' said Liz Allen, Head of Evaluation at the Wellcome Trust.

  • News | ORCID Seeking Director of Community


    ORCID has a position open for a Director of Community to support our Outreach activities.  Several new initiatives are in the works for 2013 including an Ambassador program and localization efforts.  Please send resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to [email protected] by January 19.


  • Blog | How should ORCID be pronounced?


    As an international organization, we have encountered many different ways of saying “ORCID”.   A recent query to our help desk asked us to put on our main page, “What is the right way to say the name? Is it "Orc-Eye-Dee" or "O-R-C-I-D" or "OAR-CID?"  We are not that picky, so long as you register and use your iD.  But, for those who want to know:  ORCID has two syllables, and a hard “c”.  Phonetically, it is pronounced "oar-kid".   I usually tell people it is pronounced like the flower "orchid" but spelled without the H. 

  • Blog | ORCID Continues to Grow


    ORCID has been growing steadily since our launch in October.  By 27 December, 42,918 researchers had registered for iDs, about a third of them via manuscript submission systems or by linking with other identifiers.

    Year 1 growth chart

  • Newsletter | ORCID iDs and the NLM DTD: How does it work?


    The National Library of Medicine has announced that participating publishers that submit final article XML directly to PubMedCentral (PMC) can include ORCID iDs in their XML.  These changes to its DTD were made available in mid December.