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  • News | ORCID Launch Plan Announced


    The ORCID Registry will go live in October, 2012.  At that time, individuals may register for a persistent ORCID ID and manage their ORCID record. In addition to the public Registry, included in the October release will be a public Application Programming Interface (API); and for members an authenticated API to create, edit, and view information stored in the ORCID Registry.  During the pre-launch phase we are working with institutions, publishers, manuscript tracking vendors, and funding bodies to ensure effective integration of ORCIDs into a variety of critical research workflows.

  • News | Become an ORCID member


    When the ORCID service is launched later this year, individuals may create, manage and share their ORCID record without a membership fee.  Please register for our newsletter  to receive updates on the launch schedule.

  • News | Two new articles about ORCID


    Nature News today has published an article about ORCID. Educause Review has published a paper written by Brian Wilson (Chair Technical Working Group) and Martin Fenner (Chair Outreach Working Group) in the May/June issue. Both articles are a status report of the ORCID initiative. 

  • News | ORCID Announces New Technical Director Laura Paglione


  • News | Program for May 17 Outreach Meeting (almost) Complete


    The May 17 Outreach Meeting is less than two weeks away and we look forward to talk to many of you in person or via WebEx. Today we have updated the program available here, with several presentations by ORCID Board members and staff in the morning, followed by three sessions focussing on funding organizations, research institutions, publishers, and a keynote.

  • News | ORCID API Documents Updated


    The ORCID API documents have been updated to include details of the search API. The ORCID search API is based on SOLR, and will support all query syntaxes available in SOLR 3.6, including Lucene with SOLR extensions, DisMax, and Extended DisMax. Details of the API can be found in the Query API documentation . The implementation of the Search API will be released in the upcoming 1.0 release of the ORCID binary.

  • News | Program for May 17 Outreach Meeting Available - Please Register


    Please join us for the next in-person ORCID Outreach Meeting on Thursday, May 17, 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The meeting is sponsored by Microsoft Research. All participant organizations and organizations interested in joining ORCID are welcome to attend in-person or virtually via WebEx. 

  • News | ORCID appoints Laure Haak as Executive Director


    ORCID has appointed Laurel L. Haak PhD, as its Executive Director, it was announced today. Haak joins the not-for-profit organization effective April 9 and will be based in Bethesda, Maryland.

  • News | Version 1.0.4 of the ORCID Mock API Released