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2018 Project Roadmap

We have created a roadmap for the next three years centered on the core strategies in our Strategic Plan. Each year focuses on a specific research sector. During 2018, our goal is to make ORCID record information richer and more secure, using the funding community as our lens.

We will be providing regular updates on our strategic plan on the ORCID blog - see links to relevant posts from the projects in the table below.

2018 Projects

  Strategic goals Projects
Establish compelling reasons and methods for researchers to use ORCID to share verified information about themselves

1. Share information - establish new and enhanced ways for researchers to share funding information when they publish

2. Collect the evidence - demonstrate researcher benefits of using ORCID record information when interacting with research systems

Establish ORCID’s role as a trusted and neutral actor in sharing researcher information

3. ORBIT project - establish what information is essential for funding applications and post-award reporting, and demonstrate how funders can engage with researchers to use ORCID record information to populate funder forms

Trusted assertions
Establish ORCID as a credible hub for asserting and re- using researcher information

4. ORCID policy and trust - strengthen ORCID’s position as a trusted actor in enabling iD-ID assertions

5. Research activity hub - leverage our relationships with third party system providers to define effective strategies to establish the ORCID record as an activity hub for researchers

Strategic relationships
Increase engagement with our global community

6. Regional strategies - enhance our internal infrastructure for managing relationships with members and partners

7. Long tail - analyze member models for engaging organizations that are not served by current member models

8. Friends of ORCID - build strategic relationships with funding and other sectors

Measuring success

In addition to our overall organizational metrics, we are measuring our project success toward achieving the following objectives.


  • Collecting evidence that researchers experience lower barriers when using ORCID in research workflows
  • Ensuring that researchers understand that using their iD means their record will be updated
  • Ensuring that member organizations update researcher records


  • Increasing the number of ORCID records that contain information that funders want, when they want it, and with assurances on the information source and accessibility
  • Identifying and sharing examples of funder systems that enable researchers to pull information from ORCID to populate applications and reports

Trusted assertions

  • Developing policies and processes that assure trusted data sources, vendors, and member integrations
  • Documenting and promoting success stories

Strategic relationships

  • Building and maintaining productive relationships with partners through participation in regional and sector teams, workshops, consortia, and working groups