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ORCID and the UK National PID Consortium

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In this special guest post, Alice Meadows, NISO's Director of Community Engagement, shares a new initiative by Jisc to explore the establishment of a UK PID consortium. 

Institutional ORCID Endorsements

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Representatives from Stanford University and the California State University (CSU) system have formally endorsed ORCID for their respective campuses. This post explores the approaches taken at each institution as well as considerations for institutional ORCID endorsement.

ARTiFACTS and ORCID: A Trusted Partnership Expanding Scientific and Academic Research Output

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By integrating with every API ORCID offers, ARTiFACTS is able to ensure scientists and scholars can discover new research and receive formal recognition for all their contributions, including their pre-published research outputs.

The New Finnish Research Information Hub Provides a Comprehensive View of Finnish Research

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The aim of the Finnish Research Information Hub is twofold: 1) to collect and connect information of Finnish research and provide it in a single access point, and 2) to lessen researchers' reporting and administrative work through smooth information flows between systems.

The Search Is On for ORCID’s New Executive Director

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We are pleased to announce our search for a new Executive Director to lead the continuing development and success of ORCID. The deadline for applications is Sunday, July 19, 2020.

Announcing ORCID’s New Service Provider Certification Program

ORCID’s new Service Provider (SP) Certification program is a means for ORCID to partner with SPs on their use of ORCID as well as make product information more accessible to the ORCID community. The Certification program will help drive business opportunities for SPs as their customers work toward their open research and interoperability goals.

Black Lives Matter: ORCID’s response

ORCID has always strived to embody the values of diversity and inclusion. As we have watched events unfold across the globe over the past few weeks it is clear that values alone are not enough, no matter how passionately held or thoughtfully implemented. Silence truly equals complicity and we will not be complicit in the systemic, violent oppression and suppression of our Black brothers and sisters, or any other marginalized group, anywhere in the world.

From the Board Chair: Leadership Transition at ORCID

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution Laure Haak has made in building ORCID to what it is today. With confidence in the organization and the team, Laure will be directing her energy and skills to founding her own company. Laure is the founding Executive Director of ORCID and has dedicated the last eight years to building it from an idea into a reality. Her passion, dedication, and knowledge of all things ORCID are legendary.

Ch-ch-changes: Part 2

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After eight years of living and breathing the world of research infrastructure and persistent identifiers, I have decided to step back and allow myself to take a broader view. That’s right: I am leaving ORCID. Read more / listen to the symphony that is ORCID.

Nominations Now Open for ORCID Board Elections 2021

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The ORCID Board fulfills a very important role in the organization’s governance by providing strategic guidance and oversight for the successful achievement of ORCID’s mission. We are pleased to announce the start of this year’s search for dynamic and enthusiastic individuals from across the research community to join the ORCID Board.