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From the Board Chair: Leadership Transition at ORCID

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution Laure Haak has made in building ORCID to what it is today. With confidence in the organization and the team, Laure will be directing her energy and skills to founding her own company. Laure is the founding Executive Director of ORCID and has dedicated the last eight years to building it from an idea into a reality. Her passion, dedication, and knowledge of all things ORCID are legendary.

Ch-ch-changes: Part 2

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After eight years of living and breathing the world of research infrastructure and persistent identifiers, I have decided to step back and allow myself to take a broader view. That’s right: I am leaving ORCID. Read more / listen to the symphony that is ORCID.

Nominations Now Open for ORCID Board Elections 2021

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The ORCID Board fulfills a very important role in the organization’s governance by providing strategic guidance and oversight for the successful achievement of ORCID’s mission. We are pleased to announce the start of this year’s search for dynamic and enthusiastic individuals from across the research community to join the ORCID Board.

ORCID at the Yonsei University Medical Library: Improving researcher experience

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Dr. Na Won Kim from the Yonsei University Medical Library shares how their YUHSpace integration has improved researcher experience by allowing easier maintenance of their ORCID record.

The value of ORCID iDs in enabling digital identity on a global scale: Report from the OECD

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Persistent, trusted digital identity can play a role in the way researchers and their output are evaluated, which is very important as information sharing is sped up to support global challenges such as COVID-19. The OECD Report, Charting the Digital Transformation of Science, found that ORCID iDs are a key component of how researchers are managing their digital identity.

Open Office Hours: Sharing our Virtual Office Expertise

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We are all stuck at home, many working at home for the first time. At ORCID, we have worked entirely as a virtual office from the beginning. ORCID invites you to join us for a webinar where we share with you approaches and tools we have used for “doing virtual” over the last decade. 

The Australian Research Council experience: connecting to ORCID for grant applications

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Research funder Australian Research Council shares their experience utilizing ORCID in its grant application process and reducing administrative burden for their academic community.

University of Zurich's ORCID integration with ZORA

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Learn how the University of Zurich, an individual ORCID member, worked across their institution to overcome common challenges and integrate ORCID with the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA). 

Two ways you can help ORCID learn about what you want next!

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ORCID is looking for researchers and scholars to help us understand how they think about how they are connected to their work.

What is up with ORCID and ROR?

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ORCID was an early adopter of organization identifiers. We currently support organization IDs from five registries, and have RORs on our roadmap.