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ORCID’s Next Phase: 2025 Vision

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ORCID reached a major milestone of persistence in 2019: we are now fully supported by membership fees! As ORCID becomes integrated across communities, persistence becomes ever more critical. In this post, we present our 2025 vision for serving our communities with reliability and resiliency.

ORCID’s Response to COVID-19

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ORCID’s official statement on the COVID-19 pandemic. Our normal operations continue while we curtail travel and in-person meetings.

Privacy and User Control; Always Top of Mind

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ORCID continually works to improve privacy and researcher control. Find out what’s new in our privacy policy this year.

The ORCID Product Roadmap: Share Your Ideas!

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Community feedback is critical to our product improvement efforts! Find out how you can share your ideas with us and track their development through our product roadmaps.


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ORCID日本コンソーシアムは、2020年1月より一般社団法人 大学ICT推進協議会・AXIES がリード機関となって発足しました。



ここに「加盟キットフォルダ」というハイパーリンクがあり、google driveのフォルダが開きます。ここに資料や申込書があります。

他に何かご不明な点があれば、[email protected]までお問い合わせください。(担当:森)

Closing out 2019: Reflections and Thank You!

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ORCID's Executive Director, Laure Haak, shares her annual reflection on progress and change over the year.


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本篇文章与社会科学文献出版社柴宁副主任,中国科学院高能物理研究所刘瑞荣老师,中国农业科学院农业信息研究所李娇老师和清华大学图书馆 共同著作

ORCID in China

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In this blog post, we will share updates and new resources from our mainland Chinese ORCID members. 

We’re having a PID party - and you’re invited!

PIDapalooza 2020 is just around the corner (January 29-30, Lisbon, Portugal) — and it’s going to be fun!