ORCID Austria Consortium: Foundation and Perspectives

Today's blog celebrates our recently launched Austrian consortium, led by TU Wien and the University of Vienna.

Lean more about its development and goals in this guest post by Paloma Marin Arraiza (TU Wien) and Christian Gumpenberger (University of Vienna).

Friends of ORCID

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Want to be a friend of ORCID? Learn more about the many ways you can get involved to help support our mission!

Enjoying a Bit of the PIDapalooza Craic in Dublin

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Around 150 PID people descended on Dublin, Ireland on January 23-24 for the third annual festival of open identifiers. Here are some of the highlights, learning points, and feedback from PIDapalooza 2019.

Free for Everyone, Always: The ORCID Public API and Data File

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As part of our commitment to openness, we have a public API that is available for community use, and we also release an public data file. In this post, we share some of the ways these tools are used by the community.

Diving Right In: ORCID Plans for 2019

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A New Year begins, and work continues toward achieving ORCID’s mission.  In this post we celebrate a few 2018 milestones, lay out our 2019 roadmap, and share our new infographic.

2018 Year in Review

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With 2018 drawing to a close, ORCID Executive Director Laure Haak reflects on our accomplishments this year.

Announcing the Results of our 2019 Board Elections

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We are pleased to announce the results of our 2019 Board election.

Signing the ORCID Funder Open Letter

Today sees the launch of the ORCID funder open letter - a commitment by nine funding bodies to expand the use of ORCID in their grant application and management workflows following our best practices. In this guest post, Christian Gutknecht and Michael Hill, respectively Specialist for Information Systems and Deputy Head of Strategy Support at the Swiss National Science Foundation, explain why their organization is a signatory, describe their current and future ORCID implementation plans, and encourage other funding bodies to sign the open letter.

Scaling Up: Easier ORCID iD Authentication for Everyone

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At its core, ORCID enables researchers to make connections between themselves and their activities and affiliations. By making the source of these connections transparent, we aim to ensure trust through traceability.  We are therefore launching the Research Information Platform Engagement (RIPEN) project, to engage with the community to streamline the assertion process and make it more broadly accessible for everyone.