Australian ORCID Consortium Model released for comment

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A few months after the release of the Australian ORCID Working Group's Joint Statement of Principle comes their proposal for an ORCID Consortium Model, which has just been released for comment. Read more in this guest post by Natasha Simons

Contributor recognition: an update on ORCID, Project CRedIT, and contributorship badges

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Contributor Role Badges

Project CRedIT was launched in 2012 to help researchers get recognition for all their contributions to a research project - from securing funding, through carrying out the research, to writing up the results for publication. Learn how ORCID, Mozilla Science Labs, and others are making the Project CRedIT vision a reality.

1.5 Million ORCID iDs Served!

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ORCID: Over 1.5 Million iDs Served

ORCID has served up its 1.5 millionth identifier!

ORCID's Early Adopter Peer Review Program - A Progress Report

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For the past few months we have been working on implementing the recent recommendations of a CASRAI/F1000/ORCID-convened community working group for a peer review activity data profile.  ORCID's initial work on this is now complete and we are excited to be working with a group of early adopters, who will be rolling out their own implementations in the coming months.

Six Things to Do Now You’ve Got an ORCID iD

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With close to 1.5 million ORCID iDs now issued, and more and more funders, institutions, and other organizations recommending - or even requiring - them, here are our top tips for how to make the most of yours!

The UK Recommends ORCID

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Learn more about the recommendations of The Metric Tide - the recent report from the UK's Independent Review of the Role of Metrics in Research Assessment and Management - by guest author Simon Kerridge (@SimonRKerridge). As well as being a member of the Review's steering group and a co-author of the report, Simon is Director of Research Services, University of Kent and Chair of the Board of Directors, Association of Research Managers and Administrators.


Lightening the Load for Researchers: ORCID and Research Management

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Following the recent publication of The Metric Tide, HEFCE's review of the role of research-based metrics in research assessment and management, we take a look at how funders, RMS providers, and other organizations are working to relieve the administrative burden for researchers - and how ORCID can help

Putting together the pieces of the puzzle: Africa and the Middle East

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Interest in ORCID continues to grow in Africa and the Middle East! We’ve had several discussions with research institutions in Southern Africa and a number are now reviewing institutional membership to ORCID. Several institutions have begun testing an ORCID integration with their institutional repository.

Let a Thousand ORCIDs Bloom

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ORCID Communications Steering Group member Torsten Reimer's prize-winning poster beautifully showcases Imperial College London's ORCID implementation 

A host of reasons why funders should be investing in ORCID …

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From August 1, 2015 the Wellcome Trust will be requiring grant applicants to provide an ORCID iD when signing up with their grant application system. Find out more about why Wellcome is mandating ORCID iDs in this guest post by one of their Evaluation Officers, Jonathon Kram.