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iAuthor与ORCID: 中国科学院文献情报中心支持中国研究人员获得国际识别号

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iAuthor and ORCID: Supporting International Identifiers for Chinese Researchers at the National Science Library of the Chinese Academies of Sciences

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Name ambiguity is a serious issue for Chinese researchers.  Not only do many share a common surname, those researchers who publish in English-language journals have to contend with transliteration issues and multiple versions of their name being associated with their research activities.  Similarly, researchers who publish in Chinese have a difficult time making their research works visible and discoverable in English-language search interfaces. The National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has decided to address these issues head-on, by developing the iAuthor platform, as an easy Chinese frontgate to register for an ORCID identifier and to interoperate with Chinese journals, CSCD and others. On October 28, the NSL formally launched the iAuthor service. (读这篇文章在中国)

New functionality Friday - ORCID site in Русский and Português

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​Today we continue our new functionality friday series where we focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. Thanks again for providing so many great ideas! This post includes our latest end-of-the-year goody: Support for Russian and Portuguese.  We also describe several ways in which Portuguese-language organizations and researchers are using the ORCID Registry. Please read more in English and in Portuguese.

ORCID Lança Interface de Usuário em Português

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O ORCID tem o compromisso fundamental de servir a comunidade acadêmica e de pesquisa internacional. Como parte deste compromisso, continuamos expandido os idiomas suportados no Registro ORCID, e hoje anunciamos o lançamento de nossa interface de usuário em português.

ORCID Launches User Interface in Portuguese

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ORCID has a fundamental commitment to serving the international research and scholarly community. As part of that commitment, we continue to expand the languages supported in the ORCID Registry, and today we announce the launch of our Portuguese-language user interface.

New Functionality Friday - Auto update your ORCID Record

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Today we continue our New Functionality Friday series where we focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This post includes the fourth end-of-the-year goody that we recently released: Auto update of your ORCID record. This functionality was requested in at least five different iDeas submitted to us, and has been the topic of many conversations at our outreach meetings and elsewhere.

Updating an ORCID record automatically requires two pieces: 1) providing our member organizations the ability to request long-lasting access permission from ORCID record holders, and 2) members implementing applications and workflows to update ORCID record information. We have now enabled long-lasting access permission; read the post to learn more about some of the organizations implementing automatic updates of ORCID records.

Tokyo in November: ORCID Outreach Meeting

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ORCID hosts an outreach meeting twice a year, to provide an update on technical developments, member integrations, and researcher adoption.  These meetings are also an opportunity for us to meet and listen to our stakeholders in the research community.

1 Million ORCID Identifiers!

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I am thrilled to announce that ORCID has issued its 1 millionth identifier. We have reached this milestone two years after the launch of the ORCID Registry through the collaborative effort of researchers, Ambassadors, and member integrators. Thank you!


New Functionality Friday - ORCID iD QR codes

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We are continuing with our weekly releases of highly-requested items from the ORCID iDeas Forum. This post includes the third end-of-the-year goody that we recently released: ORCID iD QR codes.

You can now get a scannable QR Code that points to your ORCID iD. In addition, we’ve teamed up with Zazzle.com to format the QR code to be printed on stickers that you can add to your posters and other presentation materials.



New Functionality Friday - Help manage my record!

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As we mentioned last week, we are spending the last several weeks of 2014 focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This post includes the second of the end-of-the-year goodies that we recently released: Trusted Individuals. Did you ever wish you could enable someone else to add things to your ORCID record, or add your ORCID iD to something that requires your username and password, without giving the other person your sign-in credentials? If so, this new functionality is for you!