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Guidelines on the display of ORCID iDs in publications

June 21, 2018

Goals of these guidelines

  1. Help promote the use of ORCID iDs by authors by increasing visibility in the publishing process.
  2. Provide clear display options for publishers to choose from, to support consistency in implementation and community use.
  3. Provide criteria to enable publishers to assess effectiveness of display.

Guidelines on the display of ORCID iDs in publications

  • The ORCID iD should be displayed in all formats of the article – HTML, PDF, EPUB – as well as related metadata. These guidelines concern primarily the visible display of ORCID iDs in journal articles.
  • Options for display of authors’ ORCID iDs:
  • At minimum, the ORCID identifier should be displayed as the full iD URI, with https scheme (https is strongly encouraged):
  • The visibly displayed iD URI and iD icon should always be an active hyperlink to the ORCID record.
  • Where the iD icon is used, the iD icon should scale with the height of the text, and a buffer of 50% of the iD width should be adopted (e.g. a 16x16 pixel icon would have a 4 pixel buffer).
  • For print, use of the ORCID iD icon in addition to the iD URI is encouraged, though remains at the discretion of the publisher, and a black and white iD icon may also be used.
  • ORCID iD icons and iD URIs should be easy to see, understand, and find for readers.
  • ORCID iDs should be clearly associated with their respective author, preferably within the main author list; a separate, clearly labelled section may also be used.
  • ORCID iDs should be visible and resolvable on all devices (computers and mobile devices).
  • Publishers that collect ORCID iDs should do so using authentication and also submit the iDs in their regular Crossref metadata deposits. For those publishers also participating in Crossmark, Crossref will automatically add the ORCID iDs to the Crossmark pop-up box.

Display in hyperauthored publications

  • Display of iDs in hyperauthored publications (i.e. publications with 50 or more authors) should follow the guidelines for non-hyperauthored publications as much as is possible.
  • A list of both authors’ names and ORCID iDs should be included with the publication. Location for both is at the discretion of the publisher, possibilities include: following the initial author list (for ORCID iDs), at the end of the publication (for both authors’ names and ORCID iDs), or any of the locations shown for non-hyperauthored publications.

Publishers who wish to display ORCID iDs but require further assistance are encouraged to contact ORCID.

Download the ORCID iD icon in web and vector format at the Trademark and iD Display Guidelines.

Display examples

Design and space considerations may make it difficult to include the iD icon and full iD URI in all cases, but the iD icon or iD URI displayed should always be hyperlinked to the iD URI.

1. Display in author list: The iD, hyperlinked to the author’s ORCID iD URI, immediately follows the author’s name on the first page of the article. Where the iD icon is displayed, a buffer of 50% of the iD width should be used.

Article title
Author A ORCID iD, Author B ORCID iD, Author C, Author D, Author E ORCID iD

2. Display in separate section: The authors with an ORCID iD are listed in a separate section immediately prior to the article reference section.

Author A ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097
Author B ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0001-5727-2427

3. Display in an infobox: Mousing over or clicking on an author’s name displays an information box or popup that includes the ORCID iD, hyperlinked to the author’s ORCID iD URI.

Article title
Author A [mail]

Author A ([email protected])
Affiliated Institution, Location, Country
ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097

4. Display in CrossMark: Publishers are encouraged to include ORCID iDs in their CrossMark metadata deposits.

Crossmark example

5. Display in hyperauthored articles

A suggested example of a full author list with iD icons hyperlinked to the ORCID iD URI displayed in the author list (click for full page display).



For additional display examples, see the Trademark & iD Display Guidelines.

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