ORCID for California Public Research Institutions

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a California Public Research Institutions Event on Monday, May 14 at the beautiful University Library at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

This invitation-only meeting is for research administrators, librarians, and others that are interested in learning more about ORCID and how it can be utilized within the UC and CSU campuses and communities. This meeting will take place just before a similar gathering at UC Berkeley the next day for UC and CSU administrators in Northern California.

ORCID executive director, Laure Haak, and Membership Specialist, Eric Olson, will share use cases and stories from neighboring California institutions all the way to regional and national community implementations. They will also discuss engaging your researchers to convey the value of ORCID, as well as to get them registered and using their iD.


CSUDH Leo F. Cain Library, 5th Floor

1000 East Victoria Street

Carson, CA 90747

Host Committee

  • Mark G. Bilby  Scholarly Communications Librarian, California State University, Fullerton
  • Dana Ospina  Digital Initiatives Librarian, California State University, Dominguez Hills


10:00  Welcome & Introductions Mark Bilby  (CSU Fullerton), Eric Olson  (ORCID)

Integrating ORCID

10:15  What, Why, and Who is ORCID? Laure Haak  (ORCID)

10:30  The Importance of Trust, Authentication, and Assertion Laure Haak  (ORCID), Eric Olson  (ORCID)

10:45  ORCID Benefits for Research Institutions Eric Olson  (ORCID)

11:00  Integrating ORCID Q&A

11:15  Break

ORCID and Your Community

11:25  Engaging Your Researchers Eric Olson  (ORCID)

11:45  Membership and the ORCID Community Eric Olson  (ORCID)

12:00  Use Cases Laure Haak  (ORCID) and Eric Olson  (ORCID)

12:15  ORCID and Your Community Q&A

12:25  ORCID for California Research Institutions Mark Bilby  (CSU Fullerton), Laure Haak  (ORCID), Eric Olson  (ORCID)

Workshop Slides

What, Why, and Who is ORCID?

ORCID: The Importance of Trust, Authentication, and Assertion

ORCID: Engaging Your Researchers

ORCID: Benefits for Research Institutions

Membership and the ORCID Community