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Organization Identifier Working Group – Registry Product Definition


  • Laure Haak, ORCID (Breakout Group Lead)
  • Geoffrey Bilder, Crossref
  • Christopher Brown, Jisc
  • Laura Cox , Ringgold
  • Trisha Cruse, DataCite
  • Tim Devenport, EDItEUR
  • Martin Fenner, DataCite
  • Danny Goroff, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Christina Hoppermann, Springer Nature
  • Andres Mori, Digital Science
  • Andrew Pitts, The IP Registry
  • Arthur Smith, American Physical Society
  • Thomas Vestdam, Elsevier


The goal of this breakout group is to provide to the Working Group a written recommendation on product and technical requirements for the organization identifier registry. The primary focus will be on product definition: minimum viable product and anticipated product development over time.  Discussion may also include IT/technology considerations (systems, tools, equipment, facilities, etc.). This group will build from the foundational work found in the “Technical Considerations for an Organization Identifier Registry” background document.

The recommendation should include detailed goals, scope, deliverables, timeline, and roles (as needed).

Representative questions for this breakout group may include:

  • What registry data are open?  What does “open” mean in this context?
  • What are the specific components of the registry MVP? (MVP = Minimum Viable Product is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.)
  • How is this different from existing registries? What responsibilities does the registry have with respect to current stakeholders? Does it need to be a new registry? Do existing providers offer the product that meets these aims? How would they need to change in order to solve these problems?
  • What features can/should be part of a subsequent version of the registry?
  • What are the technical considerations for curation, and for updating of records? Given that not all organizations will engage, what solutions do we need to have in place (curation vs. self-management)?
  • How does the registry enforce uniformity of data, e.g. data structure and validation for business rules vs. open contribution?
  • What types of roles/permissions are needed for the members of the organizations in the registry?
  • Who is the person/people that can assert relationships between organizations in the registry?  What sources of official information are available? How do we resolve conflicts?
  • How do we account for the subtlety of organizations with regard to permissions and change history (merges, splits, etc.)? Where do we start? Do we build a historical record for what has already happened in the past or do we start from this point forward?
  • What data sources can pre-populate or seed the registry if it is to be a new one?

Progress Reports

Forthcoming throughout the project.