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Access to any of the ORCID APIs requires a set of credentials consisting of a Client ID and a Client Secret. To register for API credentials, please choose the applicable API from the list below, or learn more about the differences between the Member and Public APIs

  • Sandbox Member API
    The Sandbox Member API allows organizations to test Member API functions without affecting production records. Membership is not required in order to access the Sandbox Member API.

    Note: The Sandbox is not connected to the production ORCID registry and no information is shared between the two systems, however, the Sandbox has identical functionality, with the exception of the behavior of emails, and connections outside systems. Learn more about the sandbox environment.

  • Production Member API
    If you are an ORCID member, please use this option to register for Production Member API credentials. Not a member? Learn more about ORCID membership.

  • Public API
    The Public API allows organizations that are not ORCID members to access a limit set of API features, including authenticating users' ORCID iDs and retrieving publicly-visible information from the ORCID registry.