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Register a client application: Production Member API - Trusted Party

To request Production Member API credentials, please enter the following information about your client application and your organization. Before production credentials are issued, you will be asked to provide a demo of your integration. Items the ORCID team will be looking for in the demo are described at Member credential check list.

Note: This process is not fully automated. There may be a delay before we respond to you with credentials or a demo request after you complete this form.

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General Information

Registration for the production Members API service is open to ORCID members organizations only. For more information about credentials and how to complete this form see Register a Client Application.

Use this field to let us know if you're using a vendor system, include additional redirect URIs, require a name for your integration that is different from your organization's name, or if there is anything else you'd like to communicate to the ORCID team.
This will also be the name of your client application. If you require a different name for the application, please specify it in the notes field.
We will use this email address to send you the credentials and to contact you if any questions or errors come up with your integration
To ensure the security of your client credentials we will send you a PIN (personal identification number) that you need to use in order to access your client credentials. The PIN must be sent through a different means than the technical contact email address listed above. Please enter a second email address, phone number (with country code) to receive an SMS, or Skype handle. If you would prefer to receive the PIN via a different method, please enter it in the notes field.

Displayed to Registry Users

The following three fields will be displayed to users who are connecting to your application through the authorization process. You will be able to adjust this information later if needed.

The name of your application by default should be your organization's name. If you require a different name for your application, please specify in the notes field. 

Redirect URIs

Once the user has authorized your application, they will be returned to a URI that you specify. You must provide these URIs in advance. Only HTTPS URIs are accepted for the production server. For more information about redirect URIs, please see our Knowledge Base article. (opens in a separate window)

OAuth2 redirect_uris or callback URLs for this client (enter at least one -- HTTPS required)