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ORCID Open Letter - Publishers

Join the many publishers that have committed to requiring ORCID iDs in the publishing process for their journal(s)!

In November, 2015, a group of publishers asked ORCID to help facilitate communications about their plans to require authors to use an ORCID iD, including hosting this open letter explaining their rationale, developing best practices for using iDs in publishing, and maintaining the signatory list.  The publishers’ goal is to encourage others to join them in supporting the adoption of ORCID. Publishers signing this open letter are committing to requiring ORCID iDs following specific implementation standards. While all publishing organizations are welcome to sign the letter, an Effective Date is only shown in the table below for those who demonstrate that their use of ORCID meets our best practices. Read more in ORCID Open Letter - One Year On Report.

Why Require ORCID?

ORCID provides a digital name – or iD – that uniquely and persistently identifies researchers and other contributors to the research effort. By connecting this iD to different research activities and affiliations across multiple research information platforms, ORCID helps enable recognition and reduce the reporting burden for researchers. It also enhances the discovery process and lays the foundation for trust in a digital research environment. Crossref’s Auto-Update functionality – which (with researcher permission) updates an author’s ORCID record when the author uses their iD during the publishing process – further benefits researchers by alleviating the need to re-enter publication data in multiple systems. Importantly, it also provides an independent assertion of the connection between the author and their work.  

With well over 7,000 journals already collecting ORCID iDs from corresponding authors, through all major manuscript submission systems, publishers are in a unique position to facilitate widespread adoption of ORCID. Indeed, researchers are most likely to encounter ORCID in publishing systems: about 75% of registrations occur because journals are asking authors to include their ORCID in new submissions. Researchers are also increasingly encountering ORCID in their university systems, and many funders now recommend or require the use of ORCID in their grant application systems.

Implementation Standard

There are implementation guidelines for publishers who wish to sign this letter. The following minimum standard of implementation ensures the collection of ORCID IDs is efficient, adheres to best practices, and reduces the burden on researchers:

  1. Require. ORCID iDs are required for corresponding authors of published papers, with the understanding that ORCID iD collection should be enabled as an option for all authors and should ideally take place at submission.
  2. Collect. The collection of ORCID iDs is done via the ORCID API (authenticated ORCID iDs), meaning that authors are not asked to type in or search for their iD.
  3. Auto-update. Publisher Crossref DOI metadata is updated to include ORCID iDs for authors, so that Crossref Auto-update can be implemented. The ORCID iD DOI metadata includes the attribute indicating whether the iD was collected using the API (authenticated).
  4. Publish. Author/co-author ORCID iDs are embedded into article metadata, at least in online versions, and ideally in print versions of the publication.  At a minimum the ORCID iD logo should be displayed next to the name of each author who has connected their iD; in online versions and metadata, the author name should be hyperlinked to the appropriate ORCID iD directly or via a landing page.  


This is a living document; if you are a publisher and have plans to require ORCID, please use this webform to be added as a signatory.



We, the following journals and publishers shall be requiring ORCID iDs for authors, according to the best practices laid out above.  We encourage other publishers to join us in this initiative. We hope that our action inspires the community, including researchers, research funders, and research institutions, to join us in adopting ORCID and making it easy for researchers to connect their iD to their contributions and affiliations.

Journal or Publisher Signature Date Effective Date  Signatory
1. The Royal Society 1 January 2016 1 January 2016 Stuart Taylor ORCID iD Logo 16x16
Publishing Director
2. PLOS 1 January 2016 7 December 2016 Elizabeth Marincola ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Chief Executive Officer
3. eLife 1 January 2016 7 January 2016 Mark Patterson ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Executive Director
4. EMBO Press 1 January 2016 24 February 2016 Bernd Pulverer ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Head of Scientific Publications
5. American Geophysical Union 1 January 2016 1 March 2016 Brooks Hanson ORCID iD Logo 16 x 16
Publishing Director
6. IEEE 1 January 2016 11 July 2016 Sheila Hemami ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Director & Vice President, Publication Services and Products
7. Hindawi 1 January 2016 1 July 2016 Paul Peters ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Chief Executive Officer
8. Science journals 1 January 2016 11 March 2016 Marcia McNutt ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
9. ScienceOpen 7 January 2016 May 2014 Stephanie Dawson ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Chief Executive Officer
10. Frontiers 7 January 2016   Kamila Markram ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
11. JMIR Publications 8 January 2016 2014 Gunther Eysenbach ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
Editor & Publisher
12. Grupo Comunicar Ediciones 8 January 2016   Carmen Fonseca-Mora ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
International Co-Editor
13. Military Technical Courier 8 January 2016   Nebojsa Gacesa ORCID iD logo 16 x 16
14. The Company of Biologists 14 January 2016   Claire Moulton 
15. IDEA (Instituto de Estudios Avanzados) de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) 18 January 2016   Manuel Loyola Tapia 
16. Faculty of 1000 15 February 2016   Rebecca Lawrence
17. Japan Epidemiological Association 14 April 2016 1 August 2016 Prof. Hiroyasu Iso
18. Rockefeller University Press 27 May 2016 21 September 2016 Robert O'Donnell 
Director of Publishing Technologies  
19. The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery 25 July 2016 1 January 2017 Jason Miller 
Executive Publisher  
20. Skyfox Publishing 19 October 2016   Katharine de BergmanORCID iD Logo 16x16
Managing Editor
21. Wiley 27 November 2016 28 November 2016 Natasha WhiteORCID iD Logo 16x16
Marketing Director
22. Royal Society of Chemistry 28 November 2016 30 November 2016 Emma WilsonORCID iD Logo 16x16
Director of Publishing
23. American Chemical Society 28 November 2016 2 November 2016 Sarah TegenORCID iD Logo 16x16
VP, Global Editorial & Author Services
24.Wellcome Open Research 29 November 2016 16 November 2016 Robert KileyORCID iD Logo 16x16
Head, Digital Services
25. INFORMS 1 December 2016 1 January 2017 Matthew WallsORCID iD Logo 16x16
Director of Publications
26. Springer Nature 3 March 2017 28 April 2017 Alison MitchellORCID iD Logo 16x16
Chief Publishing Advisor
27. Journal of IMAB 22 March 2017   Gospodin PeytchinskiORCID iD Logo 16x16
Publisher & Executive Director
28. IOP Publishing 17 July 2017 10 September 2017 Jamie HutchinsORCID iD Logo 16x16
Publishing & Production Director
29. American Physical Society 17 July 2017   Matthew SalterORCID iD Logo 16x16
30. Acta Paulista de Enfermagem 17 July 2017   Janine SchirmerORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
31. Neotropical Ichthyology 19 July 2017   CS PavanelliORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
32. Nauplius 19 July 2017   Paula AraujoORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
33. Neuroscience Bulletin 28 July 2017   Zhirui LiuORCID iD Logo 16x16
Scientific Editor
34. Social Sciences Academic Press (China) 1 August 2017   Channing ChaiORCID iD Logo 16x16
Executive Deputy Director
35. Neural Regeneration Research 3 August 2017   Meng ZhaoORCID iD Logo 16x16
Managing Editor
36. Society of Open Science 27 December 2017   Pradeep KumarORCID iD Logo 16x16
37. The Sankalpa International Journal of Management Decisions 27 December 2017   Basanta KumarORCID iD Logo 16x16
38. Japan Society for Occupational Health 18 January 2018 January 2018 Akizumi TsutsumiORCID iD Logo 16x16
39. Business Perspectives 29 January 2018   Liudmyla OstapenkoORCID iD Logo 16x16
40. Jurnal Kardiologi Indonesia 29 January 2018   Raymond PranataORCID iD Logo 16x16
Managing Editor
41. Revista Brasileira Politica Internacional 15 February 2018   Antonio Carlos LessaORCID iD Logo 16x16
42. Boletim de Ciencias Geo'desicas 19 February 2018   Luciene DelazariORCID iD Logo 16x16
43. Revista Paulista de Pediatria 20 February 2018   R GuinsburgORCID iD Logo 16x16
44. Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana - Brazilian Journal of Urban Management 26 February 2018   Rodrigo FirminoORCID iD Logo 16x16
45. Revista Texto & Contexto Enfermagem 28 February 2018   Selma Regina de AndradeORCID iD Logo 16x16
46. Brazilian Business Review 7 March 2018   Fabio MotokiORCID iD Logo 16x16
47. Brazilian Journal of Food Technology 7 March 2018   Claire Isabel Grigoli de Luca SarantopoulosORCID iD Logo 16x16
48. Ciencia Rural 15 March 2018   Rudi WeiblenORCID iD Logo 16x16
Chief Editor
49. Serbian Society of Subject Didacticians 13 May 2018   Jelena StanisavljevićORCID iD Logo 16x16
50. SAGE Publications 25 May 2018 27 November 2018 Robert HowardORCID iD Logo 16x16
SVP Global Journals
51. Escola Anna Nery Revista de Enfermagem 6 June 2018   Ivone Evangelista-CabralORCID iD Logo 16x16
52. Investigacion Postgrado Revista 25 June 2018   Ivette BrecenoORCID iD Logo 16x16
Asistente Editorial
53. Scientific Open Access Journals 25 June 2018   Vijay MittapallyORCID iD Logo 16x16
Executive Director
54. Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca 25 June 2018   Jose Luis Pardal-RefoyoORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
55. Synthesishub 13 July 2018   Surendar AravindhanORCID iD Logo 16x16
56. Virtus Interpress 10 August 2018 10 August 2018 Alexander KostyukORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
57. Journal of Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences (JAIMS) 10 August 2018   Umapati C. BaragiORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
58. Biomedical Research Network 24 August 2018   Angela RoyORCID iD Logo 16x16
Assistant Managing Editor
59. Niger Delta Medical Journal 24 August 2018   Tubonye C HarryORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
60. SOCRATES 24 August 2018   Chandra SaurabhORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
61. Royallite Publishers 24 August 2018   Amos OjwangORCID iD Logo 16x16
Publishing Manager
62. Atlantis Press 6 November 2018   Remco de BoerORCID iD Logo 16x16
63. Al-Anbar Journal of Agricultural Science 6 November 2018   Salwan M. AbdulateefORCID iD Logo 16x16
Secretary of the Editorial Board
64. Pulse Medic 6 November 2018   Martin AndersonORCID iD Logo 16x16
65. Revista Portuguesa de Cirurgia 6 November 2018   Nuno BorgesORCID iD Logo 16x16
Associate Editor
66. Peertechz Publications Inc 8 November 2018   Maha DonepudiORCID iD Logo 16x16
Publishing Director and Managing Editor
67. Journal of Advanced Sciences and Engineering 31 December 2018   Takialddin Al smadiORCID iD Logo 16x16
68. AIEM 31 December 2018   Núria PlanasiORCID iD Logo 16x16
69. Sudarshan Publication 31 December 2018   Anuj MittalORCID iD Logo 16x16
70. IJRISAT Journal 31 December 2018   Pushparaj PalORCID iD Logo 16x16
71. Ausasia Science and Technology Press, 18 January 2019   Jianchao CaiORCID iD Logo 16x16
72. OA Publication 30 January 2019   Sreekanth ReddyORCID iD Logo 16x16
73. BMJ Journals 18 February 2019    Claire RawlinsonORCID iD Logo 16x16
74. Journal of Physical Education and Sports Studies 25 February 2019    Mehmet InanORCID iD Logo 16x16
75. Cambridge University Press 28 March 2019 31 May 2019 Emily MarchantORCID iD Logo 16x16
Author Services Manager
76. African Journal of Political Sciences 7 June 2019   Chaib BachirORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
77. ISCE 8 June 2019   Nuno AbranjaORCID iD Logo 16x16
Executive Editor
78. Ariel University Press 5 August 2019   Ronen A. CohenORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
79. Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Society 27 August 2019   Mark A. GregoryORCID iD Logo 16x16
Managing Editor
80. The British Blockchain Association 22 August 2019   Naseem NaqviORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
81. Excel Publications 26 November 2019   Jaikaran SinghORCID iD Logo 16x16
Editor in Chief
82. Indian Drugs 21 January 2020   Ved Prakash PandeyORCID iD Logo 16x16
83.Revista Brasileira de Direito Processual Penal 02 April 2019   Vinicius VasconcellosORCID iD Logo 16x16  
84. Revista Mexicana de Oftalmología 07 May 2019  

Manuel Garza LeonORCID iD Logo 16x16

Editor in Chief

85. Associação Brasileira de Linguística 10 Dec 2019  

Miguel Oliveira, Jr.ORCID iD Logo 16x16


86. Bioagro 29 Jan 2020  

Reinaldo PireORCID iD Logo 16x16


87. Grupo Gasca 14 Feb 2020  

Marcela GascaORCID iD Logo 16x16


88. Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun 27 Feb 2020  

Tabrani ZaORCID iD Logo 16x16

Managing Editor

89. Poltekkes Kemenkes Kendari 24 Feb 2020  

Rosyanti LORCID iD Logo 16x16

Editor in Chief

90. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research 10 April 2020  

Shahid KamalORCID iD Logo 16x16

Editor in Chief 

91. Revista Portuguesa de Psicologia da Aparência 7th May 2020  

José Mendes ORCID iD Logo 16x16

Chief Editor

92. ColNes  7th May 2020  

Carlos Luis González-ValienteORCID iD Logo 16x16

Managing editor

93. Investigaciones Sobre Lectura  27 March 2019  

Roberto Cuadros-MuñozORCID iD Logo 16x16


94.Communication & Methods Journal 16 July 2019  

 Isidro Jiménez GómezORCID iD Logo 16x16

Editorial coordinator

95. Revista Innova Educación 20 January 2020  

Wilson Gregorio Sucari TurpoORCID iD Logo 16x16


96. RS Global Sp. z O.O.  8 May 2020  

Roman Laputyn ORCID iD Logo 16x16