Trust Working Group


The purpose of this group is to provide ongoing feedback on evolving components of the ORCID Trust program, and their effectiveness in achieving program objectives related to privacy, data security and trust. As the group provides feedback, they will consider questions such as:

  • What does it mean for individuals and organizations to trust ORCID and the ORCID Registry?
  • Does the ORCID Trust program continue to contain the components needed to foster trust in ORCID and its offerings? If not, what is missing?
  • Are the formal policies that ORCID is proposing appropriate to earn trust among users?
  • Are the controls and practices that ORCID is proposing sufficient to implement the program?
  • How do site and process design affect trust perceptions by users?
  • How should the ORCID Trust program evolve to continue to serve community needs?

The group will provide feedback on an as-needed basis. Feedback will be folded into our Trust program and incorporated into our website and other communications. It also will inform our technical strategy.


In March 2016, ORCID outlined a program, called ORCID Trust, to formalize security and privacy plans and policies and increase our capacity for scalability and reliability. We worked with a feedback group to develop a public statement that includes all of our related activities on the topic, and position them within a “trust framework.”

The established trust framework serves as a strong foundation for our work in ensuring high-quality privacy and data security standards and attitudes.  To help ensure that our practices continue to evolve, we have established a board-level, ad hoc working group that can provide ongoing feedback, input, and support for our Trust activities.


Structure and Process

This group is an ORCID Board-level, ad hoc working group, was initiated by ORCID’s Executive Director, and is chaired by a member of the ORCID Board. Its voluntary and invited membership consists of privacy, security, and trust experts from around the world. Members are selected by the chair, with staff and Board recommendations; membership will be reviewed annually. ORCID will recognize group members on our Website.

This group is chaired by a member of the ORCID Board and should include at least one other Board member with expertise in data privacy and/or security issues. ORCID’s Director of Strategic Initiatives will facilitate the work of this group.  To encourage “safe space” for frank conversations, discussions during meetings and online conversation will be kept confidential; meetings and other communications including document comments will be considered closed. As with other ORCID groups, activity, status and outcomes of the group will be shared with the ORCID Board, and the group will together determine what can and should be shared more broadly with the community.

Progress and Reports


For more information about the group, please contact [email protected].