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Integrating PIDs into resource proposal and award processes

This project is focused on research resource host organizations and includes four components:

  • Collect a researcher’s ORCID iD when they submit a proposal requesting use of a research resource. Research resources that have a standard process for collecting and reviewing user proposals can integrate ORCID iDs into this process. This involves adding a step for the researcher to AUTHENTICATE their ORCID iD and storing this iD, together with a permissions token, in the proposal system database.
  • Make the award citable. To be able to cite resource use, there needs to be a public record of it. Citation can be enabled by creating a public awards or usage database and using persistent identifiers for each proposal or usage log. Each citation should at minimum include a public persistent identifier (e.g., DOI) that links to an internal record about the award. Ideally, the citation would be in a public database listing the persistent identifier, award number, title, abstract, list of project personnel and their authenticated ORCID iDs, and a method to add links to products from the project, e.g. papers and datasets.
  • Reduce reporting burden. Researchers spend a lot of their time filling in forms and entering data manually, time better spent on research. Resource providers can reduce this burden by using the ORCID API to COLLECT a researcher’s ORCID iD and other key information from their ORCID record, including their affiliation, publications, and funding awards. Resource providers can also receive updates when new information has been added to a researcher’s ORCID record, enabling you to track resource products -- and further reduce reporting burden for your researchers. .
  • Facilitate information sharing. Many resource hosts already request or require that researchers acknowledge resource use, but researchers do not always have their award information or requirements in hand when submitting a manuscript. Resource hosts can help researchers by making this information more readily available. CONNECT information about the resource to a researcher’s ORCID record at the time of proposal award or resource use. This makes it easy for your researchers to share that information when submitting a paper, dataset, or other research output.

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