Integrating award and resource IDs into the publishing process

This project is focused on researchers and publishers and has three components:

  • Amend JATS standard to enable collection of resource use information. In progress.
    The ability to collect and store information about research resources depends on a publishing metadata schema that can include this information. The working group has submitted a request to the JATS working group to extend this XML metadata specification for journal submission, an important step in supporting capture of resources information in journal publication processes.
  • Collect ORCID iDs at time of manuscript submission or acceptance -- from authors and co-authors. Many journals are now collecting ORCID iDs from corresponding authors in accordance with ORCID best practices. However, the researcher who used a resource (and has information about the resource in their ORCID record) may be a co-author, not the corresponding author. Publishers are exploring means to enable collection of ORCID iDs from co-authors.
  • Combine collection of ORCID iDs with other data collected from the author’s ORCID record. An author’s ORCID record often includes more than just their name and iD. It can include information about their affiliations, funding, and use of research resources, all connected by persistent identifiers and asserted by trusted organizations. Publishers that already collect ORCID iDs are exploring how to import affiliation, funding, and resource use information from the ORCID records during the submission process.

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