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ORCID Brand Guidelines for Members and Partners

June 18, 2020

ORCID’s name, logos, wordmarks, illustrations, and fonts are all part of its brand. These brand assets include, but are not limited to, the registered mark ORCID® and the trademarks consisting of the logo (“ORCID”), our tagline “Connecting Research with Researchers”, and the green iD icon.

These guidelines define proper use of ORCID’s brand assets, as well as best practices for how to display ORCID iDs, and how to refer to ORCID. 

The ORCID name

The name of the ORCID organization is “ORCID”. We provide a Registry of “ORCID iDs”. ORCID is both a proper noun and an adjective. Use the name ORCID as an adjective, as in “ORCID Registry” or “ORCID identifier”, unless referring to the organization itself, as in “ORCID offers a Registry at https://orcid.org”.

The first or most prominent time the name “ORCID” appears in printed materials or on any webpage, we ask that you use the registered trademark symbol, ®, in the upper right hand side of the mark: “ORCID®”.

ORCID logos and marks

Member logos

We offer a special logo to ORCID Members to indicate their membership status. If your organization is an ORCID Member, contact us to get your logo files.

iD icon links

These display requirements allow ORCID iDs to remain connected to the ORCID Registry. For example, if ORCID iDs are not linked back to the Registry, researchers cannot easily learn more about that researcher’s identity, work, and affiliations. We welcome and strongly encourage the community to use and display ORCID iDs.

Organizations should obtain and display authenticated iDs. Do not allow users to copy or type in their ORCID iD, look up iDs and pre-populate fields with looked-up iDs, or ask users to select their iD from a pre- populated list.

An ORCID iD link consists of two elements:

  1. an ORCID iD icon
  2. text

We do not currently allow references to authorized ORCID iDs without using the iD icon.

The ORCID iD icon and associated text should link to an ORCID record URL. 

Icons should only be used for authenticated ORCID iDs. 

Display formats

  1. Full ORCID iD - ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-2345-6789
  2. Compact ORCID iD - ORCID logo 0000-0001-2345-6789
  3. Inline ORCID iD - ORCID logo Sarah Pascoe


The full ORCID iD displays the iD icon before a complete ORCID record URL.

This is the preferred format for links to ORCID records.

ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-2345-6789

Why use a full URL?
  • Displaying the full ORCID iD URL helps search engine robots and crawlers to recognize the iD as a resolvable URL.
  • A full URL is simple for people to copy, reference or link to the URL and share it with others.
  • Using the familiar URL pattern reinforces that ORCID iDs are both a persistent link and a persistent identifier.
  • The https protocol builds confidence in the security and privacy of ORCID iDs. 
When to use the full ORCID iD format
  • the ORCID iD is shown on its own, or in a list of links
  • there is sufficient space to show the full ORCID iD

Compact ORCID iD

A shortened version of the ORCID iD that displays the iD icon before the 16-digit ORCID identifier.

ORCID logo 0000-0001-2345-6789

When to use the compact ORCID iD format
  • you want to reference a specific ORCID record but need a shorter/smaller format
  • you have limited space available in which to fit the ORCID iD link

Inline ORCID iD

The simplest format for displaying a link to an ORCID record. The ORCID iD icon is displayed after a record holder’s name, short phrase or sentence fragment.

The ORCID iD icon should be linked to the full URL of the relevant ORCID record. Optionally, the preceding text can also be linked to the same record.

When to use the inline ORCID iD format
  • when the link to record is part of a sentence or paragraph (“… recently updated information on Susan Gerhard’s ORCID record ”)

Dos and don’ts

When talking or writing about ORCID:


  • Use “ORCID” as a noun to refer only to the organization and the noun phrase “ORCID identifier” or “ORCID iD” (lower case i, upper case D) to refer to the identifier itself:
  • e.g., “ORCID offers unique identifiers, known as ORCID iDs”
  • Use the phrase “ORCID record” to refer to an ORCID account in the ORCID Registry containing information about the ORCID iD holder.
  • Ensure title of your publication makes clear that it’s about ORCID and not by ORCID:
    • Yes: “Sharing your ORCID record”
    • No: “The ORCID guide to sharing your record”


  • Use “Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier” to represent the name of ORCID or the identifier.
  • Use the word “ORCIDs” to refer to ORCID iDs.
  • Use the word “profile” to refer to an ORCID iD. ORCID is not a social network, and the word “profile” associated with ORCID can create user confusion. Please use “ORCID record” instead.
  • Use the word “ORCID” to refer to services other than ORCID.

Naming your applications, products, or domains


  • Name your website, product, or application something unique.


  • Use “ORCID” as a subdomain or in the name of your website, application, or product without our prior permission.
  • Use just “ORCID” with a simple letter or number combination (for example, ORCID#1, ORCIDid).
  • Use “ORCID” in the name of your website.
  • Register a domain containing “ORCID”, including misspellings, transliterations, or similar variations thereof, without our prior permission.
  • Apply for a trademark with a name containing “ORCID”, including misspellings, transliterations, or similar variations thereof.

Visual design of your website or application

  • DO design your site with unique branding and logos.
  • DON’T copy the look and feel of ORCID’s websites, as this could create user confusion.

Using the ORCID logo or icon


  • Use the scalable SVG icon wherever possible.
  • The optimal size for the ORCID iD icon is 24 x 24. If there’s space, use a larger version.
  • Scale the iD icon to match the line height of the surrounding text, but go no smaller than 16 x 16.
  • Allow for at least 50% buffer space around the icon. For the 16 x16 icon, this translates into a four-pixel margin on each side of the icon.
  • When the green iD icon is used on its own, the iD icon must link to https://orcid.org


  • Display the ORCID iD icon any smaller than 16 x16 
  • Manipulate the icon
  • Rotate the icon
  • Add a drop shadow
  • Animate the icon
  • Change the color of the icon
  • Use any other marks or logos, including the official ORCID logo, to represent ORCID
  • Use our marks on merchandise without our prior permission.
  • Display the green iD icon next to unauthenticated ORCID iDs.

Download the ORCID iD icons

The ORCID iD icons can be downloaded from the ORCID brand library.


  • 16 x 16
  • 24 x 24
  • 32 x 32
  • 64 x 64
  • 128 x 128


  • PNG
  • SVG

Applications that cannot implement these guidelines due to the technical limitations of their platform should make their best effort to satisfy as many rules as possible. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis by email approval. Please contact us if you feel that an exception is necessary.

ORCID® is a registered trademark and the ORCID logo and
iD icon are trademarks of ORCID, Inc.