ORCID Tech Update: Default privacy settings

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Since the launch of the ORCID Registry in October we have had several mini releases as part of our effort to continuously improve and extend the functionality that we provide. The content of many updates have come from comments you, our very active and engaged community, have made using the ORCID iDeas Forum.

Set Default Privacy

One highly-requested feature is the ability to set the default privacy for publications and other works that one imports to their ORCID Record. Previously, all works added were by default set to be private (as per our privacy policies). We heard you, and as of today you can set this to default to any of there three privacy settings available: Public, Limited Access, or Private. Go to your Account Settings page, and choose the default privacy setting for newly imported works editing your "Privacy Preferences". If you haven't yet created an ORCID iD, you'll be able to set this default setting when you create your account. We've created a short video to tell you more about this feature.

Updating Privacy for Existing Works

To update the privacy settings for works already in your Record, you'll need to click the "update" link on your ORCID Record page. We are looking at ways to improve this process in the future.

What's Next?

There are many new features in the advanced planning stage. Some items on our hot list include:

  • Greater flexibility in CrossRef publication searches
  • Allowing users to store multiple emails in their record
  • Updates to our Sandbox server (for API users!)