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ORCID has been captured by orcs!

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After receiving a cease and desist order from the orc, we have been trying very hard to clarify how to pronounce ORCID. However, even with our best efforts, there is a contingent of the community that persists in saying “orc – eye-dee”.

The orc – you may recognize these peoples from their starring role in the Hobbit tales – have taken umbrage at our intransigence. The orc are not a patient people. Nor are they keen on negotiation. The orc have taken over our Website and translated it into orc-speak.

The orc will not give back control until they hear our users say:

“Orcs are great and mighty. Orcs can smite me with a single sniff of their foul-smelling breath. I wish to live. I will henceforth pronounce ORCID properly, like the persistent and pulchritudinous flower orchid, and stop irritating the great and revolting orc.”

When we wrest control back from the orc (with your able assistance) we will honor the memory of this event by providing content on the ORCID (remember, pronounced like the flower!!) Website in several languages. Look for these localized pages to start rolling out by summer.  No fooling.