ORCID announces new Registry features: Log into your account today!

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A little known fact about the ORCID Registry is how often we update funtionality, sometimes as frequently as weekly! You will be delighted with what has changed.  We encourage you to log into your ORCID record, update your account, and connect your activities, with new features that support linkage with multiple email addresses, enhanced privacy management, and more search and link wizards.  

Multiple Emails

You can list more than one email address in your ORCID account, present and past. To do so, go to orcid.org/account, and edit your Email settings. You can then log into your account using any of your listed emails.  Listing multiple emails ensures that you maintain access to your record if you move, and reduces the chance that a duplicate record will be created by your institution.  You have complete control over who has access to your email address information.  You may choose to make your email addresses private, or to share any of your addresses with organizations that you trust (like your research institution or a site that you use often), and indicate your primary contact.

Try Multiple Emails

Connect Your Record to Your Works

There are new organizations creating connections to the ORCID Registry every month (see our Members Page for the full list!). In addition to manuscript submissions integrations that embed your ORCID identifier into article metadata, and soon-to-be-launched grant application integrations, a number of ORCID members are implementing integrations aimed at supporting connections with your already-published works. Listed here are some new connections that allow you to easily connect your ORCID record with your research activities, saving you time and increasing your discoverability:

  • CrossRef - IMPROVED! You now have more flexibility in searching for and adding your works from the CrossRef database, containing metadata and persistent article DOIs for published journal articles. Just click on "Import Research Activities" in the left column at https://orcid.org/my-orcid. CrossRef is the official DOI® link registration agency for scholarly and professional publications, covering tens of millions of articles and other content items from thousands of scholarly and professional publishers.
  • ResearcherID - You may link to your ResearcherID and import works and biographical information from your ResearcherID profile. An added benefit: your ORCID iD will be imported into your ResearcherID account and integrated into Web of Knowledge, making your work more discoverable.
  • KNODE - Link to your record in KNODE's biomedical knowledge base of academic and industry experts and their scientific content, where researcher profiles are automatically generated from public data sources. Register and cross-link to your ORCID identifier here.
  • Figshare - All of your publicly available figshare outputs can now be added to your ORCID account, again giving you credit for all of your research. Your publication list can be pulled into your figshare profile to avoid duplicated effort. This is also true for other pieces of information, such as your academic biography. To sync your ORCID record, simply log into figshare, go to the arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner, click 'My profile', 'edit profile' and 'Sync with ORCID'. See their blog post for more details.
  • AVEDAS Link your institutional faculty profile to your ORCID iD and import publication metadata.  For more information, see the CONVERIS 5 presentation from the May 2013 ORCID Outreach meeting. 
  • DataCite Search DataCite and link to your existing datasets. For more information, see the ODIN presentation from the May 2013 ORCID Outreach meeting. 


Privacy controlsWe get a number of questions from users about ORCID record privacy settings. To make our privacy selections more understandable, we have created a new control for selecting privacy, and improved the online help descriptions.

We also now provide a way to set the default privacy for any new works that you add to your ORCID record. To do so, go to orcid.org/account, and edit your Privacy Preferences.