Happy birthday to us! Public data for you!

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Happy Birthday, ORCID!​Today ORCID turns 2. We have grown so much over the last two years and are close to 1,000,000 active ORCID iDs. Our membership base, site, resources, and API features have grown and developed far beyond our initial expectations, largely thanks to the encouragement and support from the community. Thank you!

With this anniversary, we also announce the release of our second annual public data file. This file contains a snapshot of all public data in the ORCID Registry associated with an ORCID record that was created or claimed by an individual. We publish this file once per year under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. This means that, to the extent possible under law, ORCID has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Public Data File.

Why is ORCID publishing this data?

ORCID established 10 principles that guide our work. The seventh principle is

All data contributed to ORCID by researchers or claimed by them will be available in standard formats for free download (subject to the researchers' own privacy settings) that is updated once a year and released under a CC0 waiver.

ORCID is sharing a Public Data File to ensure that all scholarly communication stakeholders, including organizations that are not members of ORCID, have broad access to what we hope becomes a vital part of the scholarly communication infrastructure.

Getting the file

The public data file can be found at ORCID Public Data File 2014 (DOI:10.14454/07243.2014.001).

Using the file

Use of this data is governed by our Privacy Policy (excerpt below):

ORCID is releasing the Public Data File under a CC0 1.0 Public Domain Dedication developed by Creative Commons, in which ORCID waives all copyright and related rights it owns in the Public Data File to the extent permitted by law. Accordingly, ORCID does not impose restrictions or conditions (including those contained in the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Membership Agreement) on use of the Public Data File, but it has posted recommended community norms for use.

The community norms include:

  • Spread the Word: Please give attribution to ORCID as the source of the Public Data File and link back to ORCID's related page (https://orcid.org/content/orcid-public-data-file) where technologically feasible, to facilitate access for others.
  • Be Fair and Lawful: Do not modify any data so as to make it false, incomplete, defamatory, or misleading.
  • Respect Others: Respect the rights of privacy and publicity of the individuals featured in the Public Data File. In particular, do not use email or physical addresses (if available) to send junk mail, chain mail, spam, pyramid schemes, or other unsolicited bulk mail. If you are using email or physical addresses for commercial or other purposes, give people the opportunity to opt-out of receiving communications from you.
  • Keep us posted: We are very interested in hearing about ways in which people are making use of the Public Data File. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are willing to share your experiences.

Want to chat about the public data file? Join the ORCID community of developers and data users. https://groups.google.com/d/forum/orcid-api-users.