New Functionality Friday - Help manage my record!

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As we mentioned last week, we are spending the last several weeks of 2014 focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This forum provides a venue for us to hear suggestions from the very engaged ORCID community. While there are many more great ideas than we have the resources to tackle, we think you’ll be excited by the items that we’ve taken on.

This post includes the second of the end-of-the-year goodies that we recently released: Trusted Individuals. Check in often (or subscribe to our blog!) to be the first to hear of the several other items that we’ll be releasing before the first of the year.

Delegating Control to a Trusted Individual

Add trusted individual screen shot

Did you ever wish you could enable someone else to add things to your ORCID record, or add your ORCID iD to something that requires your username and password, without giving the other person your sign-in credentials? If so, this new functionality is for you!

People you put onto your “trusted individual” list can edit your ORCID record, and also grant permission to other systems to read, write, and update your ORCID record. Trusted individuals won’t be able to do things like change your password, update your security questions, or grant trusted individual superpowers to other individuals.

To make someone a trusted individual,

  1. Sign into
  2. On the account settings page, scroll down to the "Trusted individuals" section
  3. Add one or more people to your trusted individual list by typing their ORCID iD, email address, or name into the box provided, and clicking the "Search" button. (All trusted individuals must have an ORCID account.)

You can find full details about adding trusted individuals on the ORCID knowledge base.

Managing someone’s record as a trusted individual

switch account to managed account (screen shot)

Once you have been made a trusted individual, you may switch the account you are viewing to any other account that you are managing. (This link will only appear if at least one person has made you a trusted individual.) When you switch accounts you will be able to add and delete items, change privacy settings on items, and use the search and link wizards for this managed account.

Any time there is a permission screen for another application to read or update the ORCID record, such as Scopus or ResearcherID, you may accept these permissions on behalf of the person who trusts you by clicking on the down arrow next to your ORCID iD, and switch to one of your managed accounts. (Note, you’ll need to be logged in already!) To start managing someone else’s record,

Switch account to managed account on permission screen (screen shot)

  1. The other person will first need to make you one of their trusted individuals.
  2. Sign into
  3. Click the "Switch account" button just under your name.
  4. Select one of your managed accounts from the list that is displayed.

You can find full details about managing records as a trusted individual on the ORCID knowledge base.