New functionality Friday - ORCID site in Русский and Português

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Today we continue our New Functionality Friday series where we focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. Thanks again for providing so many great ideas! This post includes our latest end-of-the-year goody: Support for Russian and Portuguese.

ORCID site in 9 languages

​ORCID has a fundamental commitment to supporting the international research and scholarly community. As part of that commitment, we continue to expand the languages supported in the ORCID Registry. Today we announce two new additions to our supported language family: Russian and Portuguese.

The ORCID community -- researchers who use the Registry and the organizations that support ORCID with integrations and member fees -- hail from many countries. As a result, the ORCID Registry has been an international initiative from the start. We added support for our second language in mid-2013, shortly after we launched the site, and have been steadily adding languages ever since.

Today we also announce several ways in which Portuguese-language organizations and researchers are using the ORCID Registry. Please read more in English and in Portuguese.