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ORCID and Loop: A New Researcher Profile System Integration

Michelle Ponto's picture

We are delighted to announce that Loop, the research network created by Frontiers, has collaborated with ORCID to link and synchronize researcher profile information.

Officially launched in January 2015, the Loop research network seamlessly plugs into the environments of researchers, their universities and on published articles via a range of free plugins and badges. The result is a universal academic profile that follows authors into their online academic environments, increasing the discoverability of their published work by their peers.

All Frontiers authors have a Loop profile, which is automatically linked to their papers on Frontiers. In addition, Loop pulls in articles from numerous online publication repositories, allowing authors to quickly and easily link all their published work to their Loop profile, from all the journals in which they have published.

Loop was designed to maximize impact and readership for researchers and their articles with an approach that is open, collaborative and inclusive. The goal is to provide a platform where researchers have all the tools at their disposal to enhance academic discovery and impact. Integration with ORCID is an important part of this. Our initial integration allows researchers to import all their publication data connected to their ORCID record into their Loop profile with the click of a button, eliminating the need to maintain multiple online profiles.

Persistent identifiers, like an ORCID iD, have become crucial within academia as mechanisms to find, link and navigate the vast volumes of information and data now available online. Loop recognizes the importance of connecting and synchronizing with these identifiers and believes  that a single platform where all this information is aggregated, organized and made accessible, will enable more effective academic discovery and impact.

We will be using ORCID’s OAuth process to either validate that we are connecting to the researcher’s existing ORCID record or to invite them to create an ORCID iD if they don’t already have one.  Additionally, our integration adds a link from ORCID to the author’s Loop profile, allowing readers to discover an enriched profile and networking experience on Loop.

More information about the Loop/ORCID integration can be found here.