Farewell to #ORCID4OAWeek!

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We’ve enjoyed participating in our first OA Week - thanks to everyone for helping us spread the word about ORCID and increase registrations!

To end the week on a high note, we are delighted to announce that our 2015 public data file is now available on Figshare.

And to wrap things up on the #ORCID4OAWeek front, here are a few highlights from some of the organizations and individuals who got involved, as well as a Storify of some top tweets, a recording of the OA webinar we participated in hosted by Wiley, and this post on the official PLOS blog.




“My colleagues now have a better understanding of what ORCID is for.  One of them told me she encouraged graduate students to sign up when she was teaching a research data workshop this week.” Adrian Ho, University of Kentucky

“I can register at home so all my colleagues can do that as well, we really just need an internet connection?” African student visiting the University of Antwerp

Thank you all again!