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Announcing your new, improved ORCID record!

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ORCID record holders now have even greater control over who sees what – and how. Our latest release enables you to set the visibility for each item in your personal data, including other names by which you are known, country, keywords, website links, and identifiers from other systems. You can also choose the order of items displayed in each section, as well as see when the data was added and by whom. Together with our recent update ensuring that individuals have sole control over the visibility settings of all data on their records, this new functionality further demonstrates our commitment to user control.

Visibility control

Ever wanted to include a public link to your institutional profile, but only allow trusted parties to be able to see the link to your design portfolio? Previously, it was only possible to control the visibility settings for individual items in the email, education, employment, works, and peer review sections of your ORCID record, but now you can set the visibility of each item in every section of your record per your preference.

also known as listBut it’s not just visibility that you can control – you can also choose the order things in which are viewed, something that many of you have requested. If you feature the name under which you publish at the top of your record, rather than your preferred version of your name, you can ensure that preferred version is displayed at the top of your also known as list by moving it to the top, overriding the default alphabetical sorting. This can, in turn, reduce confusion when others view your public record.

More countries and regions

Research isn’t necessarily limited within borders, and multiple countries and regions may be considered your home base. Include them all now on your record – we’d recommend setting your main country of residence as your top item.

Easy email edits

We’ve made it easier to add new addresses and amend your email settings. In addition to editing your email settings in your account settings, you can amend your email addresses, frequency, and visibility settings directly from your ORCID record. Simply click on the pencil icon to bring up the editor box and make your desired changes, then close the box when you're done.

Know who added what and when

source text available in record

Don't recall how your personal webpage was added to your ORCID record? You can find out by clicking the details view. Much like works listed on your record, every item in your personal data sections now displays information about when it was modified as well as its source. If you don't need that much information, you can always hide the details again with a single click.

Tell us what you think

We’re always happy to get feedback from researchers and members on how to improve the ORCID Registry. We welcome you to share your comments and suggestions with the ORCID community in the ORCID iDeas Forum. Many of the new features on ORCID have been sourced directly from our iDeas Forum.