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New Feature Alert: Verify Your Email

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Verifying the email addresses associated with your ORCID record is important. A valid email is required for you to be able to sign into your account, share your information, and manage who can access your record. It is important also for us to be able to contact you in the rare event that we need to send an urgent service announcement.

We recently sent out a message to all ORCID record holders providing instructions on how to verify their primary email addresses, and around 100,000 have already responded. If you missed that email, see our Knowledge Base for the verification process.

To ensure that you and only you (or those to whom you have granted permission) can access and manage your record, as of last week a verified email address is required to access key features of your ORCID record. You must verify your primary email address to:

Verification is not required to:

  • Add and edit your name and published name
  • Change your account settings
  • Update your email addresses
  • Connect your ORCID iD to other systems and authorize them to read and update your ORCID record
  • Change the visibility of data that other systems have added to your ORCID record, or delete that data

If you have problems verifying your email or want to learn more about the change, see our Knowledge Base. If you have problems verifying your email, we're ready to help out.

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