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New feature alert: Display my iD and print my record

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Many ORCID features are sourced from member and user feedback. We are excited to announce two new features supported by many of you – display my iD and print views – both of which require just three simple steps.

Display my iD

Many of you have been asking for an easy method to display your ORCID iD in email signatures and web interfaces. Display my iD was first developed during our 2015 Barcelona Codefest, where it was highly commended by the judges. It has now undergone a cycle of community testing and is ready for general release. Display my iD enables you to easily assert and display a resolvable link to your iD in our recommended format. The iD and link are machine-generated to save time and prevent error from typos. In three simple steps, you too can display your iD:

1. Sign into your personal ORCID record and click Display your iD on other sites

2. Copy the HTML code that appears

3. Paste the code wherever you want to display your ORCID iD!

Print view

Another popular request from users is to be able to create a printable version of your public ORCID record. Now you can access a printable view with a single click from your personal ORCID record or your public ORCID record. As with your public record, only the information that you have set as visible to the public will be displayed in the print view.

1. Click Public record print view 

2. A new page will open, displaying the printable version of your ORCID record for you to save or print 

Tell us what you think

We’re always happy to get feedback from users and members on how to improve the ORCID Registry. We encourage you to share your feedback with us in our iDeas forum. Who knows, your idea may be our next user interface improvement!